December 22, 2010

First love

First love
In his space, only an article. Is about a little story.
There are two old ladies meet in the dusk. They are with a happy smile on his face. An old lady asked the other woman: "What are you so happy ah?" The old lady replied: "I finally got married! What about you? What is so happy ah?"
The old lady replied: "I finally divorced!"
He notes the way in space, human life, experience a truth is not easy, although some late, but better than nothing.
I had do not understand.
Now finally understand. Understand the truth of life repeat itself for a difficult case.
This is what he does not mind not to put people.
Never thought he and I were able to come together.
3 years ago, when I was struggling in the mire of love when he went from a thousand miles away, I do not know where to find my phone number and marry my wife.
Phone inside, in exchange for a pass I curse roundly. After that, I had never spoken to him properly. Sometimes hang up his anger.
Past three years, the more I struggled quagmire, the more a deep depression. Until they were drowned.
Dragging a hopeless, riddled heart, I returned home. So that was my life.
Feelings of failure, and because the emotional pain of being abandoned my career.
It was a great need to even the courage to rise to walk the years.
I was selfish to want to escape.
Selfish and want him to go over thousands of miles away.
But not devoid of conscience and my heart told me so unfair to him.
Moreover, there is a low voice inside telling me can not make such decisions at this time.
Now that he did not sentence a day gab, just want to fill my lonely pale down the years. I pick up the phone, always capricious manner, not a word do not say, is radically distorted his meaning.
Slowly, little by little began to be moved.
He said that this world is not like what you see.
He said he wanted my world every day full of smiles.
He said the heart you want the door open. If not for me ... ...
He said he was bogged down ... ...
That is called "In the past," wounds, stubbornly blocked me and him into the road. Every step he and I, I always think of all the injuries the past, I would, and he was crying a.
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And he always apologize to me apologize afterwards. In fact, I know, speaking of "the past", he was even upset.
And I also know that it was he forced me to face. Only by facing the past, I can face my future life.
Sinking my very cold heart, so heart in his hand and slowly warmed by cover.
Began to feel warm. Slowly began to accept him.
His emotions began to care about. Began to want to cherish.
Beginning to understand the power of love. Began to slowly change.
Finding myself laughing. Happiness is not until I have the luxury.
Once, I let a man desperate to live in my heart for 7 years. That person, is her groom. And she is telling me that he does not love me.
He did not who held my hand and said something he did not love me, and I, but stubborn to let his back engraved in my mind a whole 7 years!
This is 7 years, I love to go help, but still can not erase his back!
Until I come back exhausted. Found, peach still, but faces no longer.
Life, is it!
Moran back, Iraqis are in the dim light.
Never know love, turned out to be the case.
Never thought the original, my heart could be so quiet.
Love love you. I said in my heart.
Never been truly loved.
No one has ever so much in my mind the position occupied before.
Never had such a person wants.
Came to understand, love, love, sexual.
Ever, before we know, women should do so with body and mind to love.
In your palm, I love very happy.
Although a bit late, but I am very satisfied.
Have you, cherish you.

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November 30, 2010

Even breathing hurt

Even breathing hurt
In recent years, every minute of my life in pain, and even breathing painful.
I would like to dream I miss the most people, but more thought, more than a dream.
Day working conference held in our system. I sat in the hotel lobby, waiting for students to come around the report. Just bored, a 30-year-old man came up to me to ask if this is reported everywhere. I looked up, greeted by a familiar person. Face, looks, hair, skin, height, smiling mouth rise, Man smiling eyes, dressing taste so everything is kind of familiar. But is not the people who want to dream my dreams. But then the shape and quite similar. All of a sudden, I inch chaos. Not his, but it was him. Yin and Yang apart, but to send such a person similar to me.
I miss that feeling of pity, or somewhere God is doomed?
From that moment, my eyes always turn him around, reluctant to leave, or even half a step away. Meetings these days are the happiest years of my happiest days. God he was returned to me, I can see his smile, see his teeth, that I had bought for his shirt! ! ! ! I struggled the past few years of waiting finally have the past few days short of the encounter.
Night, sleep in the bed, over and over again, can not sleep. Memories of the last desperate and my heart. I miss his smile, miss his care, miss him holding my hand sweet sleep, between your fingers seems to still remained his temperature. Work every day, I'm always standing on the balcony and saw him into the stairs, high Shenghuan him: "27,27." He always looked up, smiled proudly.Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431|Auto Diagnostic|VCM IDS|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A|volvo vida dice|Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3 |T300 key programmer|Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS He came back from his lock into the house, see me in the kitchen apron too busy, the could not help but gently around my waist, face in my back and rubbing. Warm feeling filled the whole house. However, such a happy time was away from me, from me to hell, one day, one day, struggling in the world among themselves.
Today, the fate of the one he sent to me again. I am driven to distraction, nervous. I have lost too much, I do not want to lose. I keep asking yourself how to do. I tried everything to find his personal information. However, I lost the courage to try. Because my experience, my situation really is not qualified.
Inner is entangled.

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November 04, 2010

Without you. How do I do

Without you. How do I do
That night you turn around, the dream became my scars today, I am unable to look up at the sky scene faint, a tear slide down when the meteor flies downward, I know, this moment is the pain of my life , has been to follow the trajectory of my life over.
You have said, we're friends for life. Every rainy night where you will have tarried, with a different kind of tenderness, and describe a storm in the romance.
I'm watching you quietly, as if that branch lily valley, lonely forward, singing, a smile you gently, so I fell already. Cheng Zhaofeng wings, I'm happy for you flaunt in the cloud on the banks of the stream, leaving the most charming style.
Give you a kiss to let flowers lost my heart, I am willing!
Give you a love so sunny my trip, I obsessed hang around!
Just like the flowers that bloom all the time like, leave the pain of my heart, is not every night you come against the current, then early spring in the cold shakes your commitment? Transponder Key You may have seen it after I turned the trembling of the shoulders? I know that, trembling under the shoulders of a sad heart? You know I love me, why you can not stay in my world, let me alone to a home, let me brewing for you reciting poems for life?
After all, you still go, you said, it was the last to see me, a wound of copper from the bottom of my heart burst, the last? I thought that to experience a final would be so hard for me to love inadvertently came, filled the air, play loose, but in the sight of the end of the condensed into injury.
Those who are not your night, that no one reads the text to fly in the sky in May, so ignorant, the diffuse over the threshold in June. I carefully jumped over the threshold, it is a bit high, some hard, my heart is still immersed in the fear that has you in May, a step by step back, it can not catch a lock of the wind, you really just want to relive left in the breath of wind, such as orchids like that pure!
Walk in the world without you every day late at night for you to write about a text, or sad,Tire Pressure Monitoring System or Yue contingent, euphemistically tell all, tell a story not finished the story, there you are I have had, there are memorable.
Without you, I was immersed in music, walking in music, in singing Lisi Suo, late at night, I would think you still with me, go nowhere, Just like that quietly nestled in my side, like a dream of a pool of spring, look cool, color Biore. Juqi a handful, owned it to sleep, so tonight I do not know what year, there are also tempting your dreams!
On the way to that arm I of the vicissitudes of life, facing the sea and waves merry, walking in a world without you, some interpretation of the legend, I see the other side of that is your direction, that is day light of the fishing boat love light shining.
My world without you, the only left lonely, precipitation songjang!

 Red, I like you

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October 13, 2010

Of the woman caught in the whirlpool personal feelings feelings

Of the woman caught in the whirlpool personal feelings feelings
All along, I love the word is very cold, the talk has been taboo, perhaps more than to see the harsh realities around, let me not to believe in forever, but do not believe the world will be immutable love. As the years passed, I grew up, the mind also followed slowly mature, more experienced, it suddenly wake up, the love between two people is maintained by the need to pay two people are sincere and genuine in order to maintain Otherwise, the jade in how good that once a defect, it can not be a perfect piece of jade, and love as well. Not every love, there will be results, not every really paid stars will return, but feelings happen, your heart is paid, but in occasional, inevitable result of this, O end. Process is no longer important, but the result is fatal, the feelings broken heart hurt, like water in general is gone forever ... ... ....
    However, the people, still alive, that the body is affected by the parents, you have no right to hurt the slightest, but it is the most helpless people, while alive, the heart, they are not healthy and has a twisted mind will instinctively In the intentional, unintentional injury time to the people around, enthusiastic friends will enlighten you and accommodate you, your time tantrum,Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431 close friends will understand you and accommodate you, but if you are treated with the moment at any time anyone is cynical, then I think in addition to the parents of your body is that, whatever the world who will not think much of you, so the long run, you always seem to mock others, but in fact you are reducing themselves to belittle his personality, in the end, in addition to contempt, what you get! Heart, hurt, including a pair of passers-by will be comforting for you to hand out, but the heart of the shadow that is coming out on your own, any foreign object can not help you.
    The beginning of a love is in the consensual basis, and the end of a love, but different, if it is consensual, it is best to do, and if it is a party change of heart, that there must be a party injured. Can result in stone, love light, your heart is hurt, it was all over, at my side, almost the end of each emotion, who are harmed are women, and women, do not just call me the space to be independent slogan, to really do it, only you independent, your heart will not change the distorted, and only independent, you have people become products, remember that a woman's dignity is given its own, only your first learn to respect yourself, others will respect you!
    You did not stay in the living heart of man is not worth you to care, but not worthy of you to another woman in order to hurt him, he does not fit you, "a horse is not sweet," the words of the ancients is not unreasonable, Now you take advantage of the young capital, to do something meaningful with it, do not have to worry that the men do not care about you, not destined to make things difficult for the woman with him, so that the end will only make your heart more distorted, make your life more meaningful!
This article is purely personal opinion, just hope the woman into a whirlpool of emotions after seeing them a little bit would help, my own future, for their own well-being to find a suitable way out!
Do not order that has become difficult for pedestrians with a man then a woman for the woman!

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September 17, 2010

Crossings, lovers

Crossings, lovers


Crossings, lovers
When the network became the god of marriage for girls and boys, when the wires become red when the emotional, girls and boys can not determine whether the original of his obsession on the network, just remember there is always concerned about the hearts of the people, the other in the unfamiliar end.
It turned out, boys and girls do not become slaves of the network, they are just agreed upon a time a very rational look at each other, because the distance barrier, the work of isolation, the torment of missing heart rate information to each other in love.
As with all of the love story, like boys and girls to learn from strangers until gonna get married ... .... Each other is absolutely sincere, honest, and because family members have done to each other relative about ... ... just do not know why, boys and girls that are always some that do not know each other like the isolation, as if time stood face to face, still looking clear each other's appearance. This feeling for boys and girls feel at a loss, but never been honest with each other, Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Securitythis is the only buried in the heart of the secrets to each other.
Young boys, masculine, handsome and talented, and willing to learn, this is when the girls and boys gradually only after the feeling of understanding, but also girls as boys have been inviting grounds. Girls and boys often feel like the work of slaves, in addition to work, the boy's life no other. But the boys always told the girl, the girl should understand him, and he so hard to pay, not just to girls and boys, What future? The near future, the boy convinced he will be rewarded.
Girls in general good, classical optimistic, work principles and girls, boys often childish jokes, adding that girls would not even say. Girls remember the boy who asked girl, do you want to I'll never teach you how to get through? Girl did not know how to answer the boy. Just quietly put their all are recorded from time to time in the open look, the girl would like one day when she will see these records to the boys when the boys will be moved to What?
If you can produce from the United States, then how could you have the distance in the end it? Boy struggling to pay, and finally got their due reward. Boy is one step towards the commitment of girls around him, in fact, precisely, his own commitments. Girls and boys have asked if my work to mobilize successful, will you marry me? Girl said that I would seriously consider. Girls began to look forward to the wedding, where to buy a house, to where the honeymoon ... ... girls think it all just around the corner ... ... However, when the boys and girls from near the time, but had to cross emotional barriers between.
The same in a city, although in different units, but the girls want to have so close, how a chance to meet tougher than the previous two away from it? Followed were accompanied by telephone, text messaging have gradually gone, and occasionally a phone call, the boy told the girl, came up too busy, his feelings were too much for some girls to meet the boy ... ... the subject, in fact, know of girls thought that they What the future will have between?
Gently I go, As quietly as I came, I wave of the sleeves, do not take a cloud ... ... The story is about here, seems to end, because as simple as the two had a sweet lover, there is no quarrel No reason, no goodbye to break each other's audio.
Which broke up after a year of time, no, no further contact time, because boys and girls did not speak to each other through break from the word. Do not leave, no goodbye, you rush to escape my city, there are a thousand years of it, from yesterday to now, fuzzy memory, a loss of potential heart top, to continue the rotation of pointless! Print a text message into the girl's eyes, the familiar numbers, girls do not want to know who this is.
Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator| Dating, dinner, turn Street ... ... but the boys and girls never asked each other this year have done? Have been miss each other? Is seriously considered each other's feelings end ... ... as if the two have never separate, like a year does not exist in memory. But facts are facts, and then how to make up, had a warm, miss, care, understanding the feeling of love, etc. have all gone, and finally decided to tell girls and boys, we break up, this feeling is not each other responsible.
In fact, I would like to ask the boys and girls today after the lapse of many years, if another chance, that you will cherish each other Why? What is the reason in the end, eventually did not go together?
Finally, let me continue to use Xu's words close, crossing the lover it:
I was a cloud in the sky, occasionally projected on the wave of your heart, you do not have surprised, even without joy, in the instant elimination of trace. You and I come across the sea at night, you have yours, I have my direction; you remember you'd be better to forget, put each other in the intersection of light!

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August 18, 2010

Love is not sensible

Love is not sensible
Not have the courage to face reality
To recognize the love of your irrational -
You love the way you love me
I have a stubborn heart maintains your

I hesitantly to see you
Do not know how love really fall -
Even with many years doing the same thing
Still do not understand each other's minds -
Feeling left ring finger ends here
Better than pulling a lifetime -

I want to move the house to leave your heart
Love like there is no trace of that child dependents
How naive emotional end here
After a stop now -
Swear you've left to history made
I have to start again - I hesitantly to see you
Do not know how love really fall -
Even with many years doing the same thing
Still do not understand each other's minds -
Feeling left ring finger ends here
Better than pulling a lifetime -

I want to move the house to leave your heart
That there is no trace of love like child dependents
How naive emotional end here
After a stop now -
Swear you've left to history made
I have to start again -

Feeling left ring finger ends here
Better than pulling a lifetime -
I want to move the house to leave your heart
Love like there is no trace of that child dependents How naive emotional end here
After a stop now -
Swear you've left to history made
I have to start again -

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August 10, 2010

The confused thoughts

The confused thoughts
What feelings? Never want to let yourself in such a mud Ze, but the human soul is such a lonely, always inadvertently to an unexpected intruder in a deep in my heart, maybe you never remember you to over my life, but I was able to feel your presence so that a person who has never even entered your mind in such a night to gently remind you, all you drowned as flood my soul everywhere your shadow, to feel your breath, but I can not reach out and touch, because I know everything will cease to exist one hand,

I can only as in life, in love and not love as struggling, you want to give up, it can be difficult to wipe out the hearts of your shadow, and you meet, since, all my life has changed because of you, life began to change the colorful look forward to every day wake up from a dream earlier, earlier will give you fond memories of my only recollection of detail, this may be the happiest moment of my life, pain and pleasure are, how many of the world Such people, who live more or less reality, the so-called commitment to a sentence to live for

In some people say that some people say not worth the value, in fact, But why, in the end are also all in vain, in the rational and irrational struggle necessary? May be too many people will not do so foolishly, but for feelings on the value of thinking too, a feeling also can activate a person can defeat a person, it is just human nature, over time, is not as time goes on, and then slowly look pale?

This may be right, I could not help a bitter laugh, can not, I'm the living example, all my emotions in consciousness, not only have to remember to use the secular buried, after all, love is also in the faithful could not stand hungry, though a bit cheesy, but it's vivid, how could they do that?

For my life in her, how would let me note on the concept as an absurdity is ridiculous, is ah thought can use these to reduce her thoughts, but become increasingly deeper, this moment I never had luxury to forget her, perhaps for you, I have nothing to forget, only you have words that ordinary people like that a few faint smile, but always able to deeply branded on my heart, so that In such a night's sleep can not survive alone went out looking at the Bansi crescent looming and clean and there are always brought a chill can not, then it may be a lonely at nights the cold bar,

Had too many such nights, a person waiting for sunrise and sunset quietly, waiting for years for the rotation to the crown on the fate I will always only see the sky and thinking of you and have some dark night, and outside Let me hear the heartbeat still see, is thinking of you flash it? it is also necessary to present themselves? you had no longer been possible, I can only ever dream of you with memories to feel the presence, but think of every way you, my heart will not help the burst pulsations, is your desire, right?

Wanted to be paid a return, want the truth like a dream, but now where you are, you may have a deep sleep, morning will have a person like me .......

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Learn to give up

When you walk into the Temple of emotional, you make a happy choice; when you walk into the feelings of the blind spot, laments the way no friends, we might try to give up. Because life is a fate, and by chance the polymer, missed the points margin to do, and together is a pain, points may be a relief for each other, choose to give up the choice is also a kind of happiness is a beautiful sublimation.

When you are struggling towards a goal, but not much results, laments an uncertain future, may wish to choose what to give up. But not immediately determine its own can not work because we are still young, no need to cry and not only soon as a rattling fire of life burning lamps and absence abjection, a temporary waiver is not to pander, but turned the bow, looking forward to open up update the distance. Then you will find "via water to the poor, the Clouds from time to time."

When you order to show maturity, when you order to satisfy vanity, in order to cover up mistakes, they themselves tired, at this time may wish to choose what to give up, easy to face, in good faith to pay, openly accepted. There is no need to decorate the young at heart have been too heavy, because the surface of the vicissitudes of life, serious and profound external, can not let you up for the philosopher; vain glory, glory can only be temporary, you have only lonely backs. Excessive cover up mistakes, can only give you away from friends. Choose to give up, but some are real mature content, but also a cool and calm reflection. Only open a heavy heart that can hear the echo of life and enthusiastic to see the smile that blossoms. How can people be good at seeing that decorate waves on Raising the Sails, how can one understand where the excitement that frogs.

Not stop hurry to give up the pace, because we selected the target is that distant horizon, no need to hurry, but should more stable and calm. But our blood all along been barking Pentium, as the patch of red landscape, patch of bright dawn.

Is not set myself to give up a cage in the tightly hold the inner circle and walks da no vision that dream. Give up is the sky in search of a broader, more sacred to the choice. To give up not helpless, nor pain, but a stronger person choice.

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