October 13, 2010

Of the woman caught in the whirlpool personal feelings feelings

Of the woman caught in the whirlpool personal feelings feelings
All along, I love the word is very cold, the talk has been taboo, perhaps more than to see the harsh realities around, let me not to believe in forever, but do not believe the world will be immutable love. As the years passed, I grew up, the mind also followed slowly mature, more experienced, it suddenly wake up, the love between two people is maintained by the need to pay two people are sincere and genuine in order to maintain Otherwise, the jade in how good that once a defect, it can not be a perfect piece of jade, and love as well. Not every love, there will be results, not every really paid stars will return, but feelings happen, your heart is paid, but in occasional, inevitable result of this, O end. Process is no longer important, but the result is fatal, the feelings broken heart hurt, like water in general is gone forever ... ... ....
    However, the people, still alive, that the body is affected by the parents, you have no right to hurt the slightest, but it is the most helpless people, while alive, the heart, they are not healthy and has a twisted mind will instinctively In the intentional, unintentional injury time to the people around, enthusiastic friends will enlighten you and accommodate you, your time tantrum,Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431 close friends will understand you and accommodate you, but if you are treated with the moment at any time anyone is cynical, then I think in addition to the parents of your body is that, whatever the world who will not think much of you, so the long run, you always seem to mock others, but in fact you are reducing themselves to belittle his personality, in the end, in addition to contempt, what you get! Heart, hurt, including a pair of passers-by will be comforting for you to hand out, but the heart of the shadow that is coming out on your own, any foreign object can not help you.
    The beginning of a love is in the consensual basis, and the end of a love, but different, if it is consensual, it is best to do, and if it is a party change of heart, that there must be a party injured. Can result in stone, love light, your heart is hurt, it was all over, at my side, almost the end of each emotion, who are harmed are women, and women, do not just call me the space to be independent slogan, to really do it, only you independent, your heart will not change the distorted, and only independent, you have people become products, remember that a woman's dignity is given its own, only your first learn to respect yourself, others will respect you!
    You did not stay in the living heart of man is not worth you to care, but not worthy of you to another woman in order to hurt him, he does not fit you, "a horse is not sweet," the words of the ancients is not unreasonable, Now you take advantage of the young capital, to do something meaningful with it, do not have to worry that the men do not care about you, not destined to make things difficult for the woman with him, so that the end will only make your heart more distorted, make your life more meaningful!
This article is purely personal opinion, just hope the woman into a whirlpool of emotions after seeing them a little bit would help, my own future, for their own well-being to find a suitable way out!
Do not order that has become difficult for pedestrians with a man then a woman for the woman!

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