December 22, 2010

First love

First love
In his space, only an article. Is about a little story.
There are two old ladies meet in the dusk. They are with a happy smile on his face. An old lady asked the other woman: "What are you so happy ah?" The old lady replied: "I finally got married! What about you? What is so happy ah?"
The old lady replied: "I finally divorced!"
He notes the way in space, human life, experience a truth is not easy, although some late, but better than nothing.
I had do not understand.
Now finally understand. Understand the truth of life repeat itself for a difficult case.
This is what he does not mind not to put people.
Never thought he and I were able to come together.
3 years ago, when I was struggling in the mire of love when he went from a thousand miles away, I do not know where to find my phone number and marry my wife.
Phone inside, in exchange for a pass I curse roundly. After that, I had never spoken to him properly. Sometimes hang up his anger.
Past three years, the more I struggled quagmire, the more a deep depression. Until they were drowned.
Dragging a hopeless, riddled heart, I returned home. So that was my life.
Feelings of failure, and because the emotional pain of being abandoned my career.
It was a great need to even the courage to rise to walk the years.
I was selfish to want to escape.
Selfish and want him to go over thousands of miles away.
But not devoid of conscience and my heart told me so unfair to him.
Moreover, there is a low voice inside telling me can not make such decisions at this time.
Now that he did not sentence a day gab, just want to fill my lonely pale down the years. I pick up the phone, always capricious manner, not a word do not say, is radically distorted his meaning.
Slowly, little by little began to be moved.
He said that this world is not like what you see.
He said he wanted my world every day full of smiles.
He said the heart you want the door open. If not for me ... ...
He said he was bogged down ... ...
That is called "In the past," wounds, stubbornly blocked me and him into the road. Every step he and I, I always think of all the injuries the past, I would, and he was crying a.
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And he always apologize to me apologize afterwards. In fact, I know, speaking of "the past", he was even upset.
And I also know that it was he forced me to face. Only by facing the past, I can face my future life.
Sinking my very cold heart, so heart in his hand and slowly warmed by cover.
Began to feel warm. Slowly began to accept him.
His emotions began to care about. Began to want to cherish.
Beginning to understand the power of love. Began to slowly change.
Finding myself laughing. Happiness is not until I have the luxury.
Once, I let a man desperate to live in my heart for 7 years. That person, is her groom. And she is telling me that he does not love me.
He did not who held my hand and said something he did not love me, and I, but stubborn to let his back engraved in my mind a whole 7 years!
This is 7 years, I love to go help, but still can not erase his back!
Until I come back exhausted. Found, peach still, but faces no longer.
Life, is it!
Moran back, Iraqis are in the dim light.
Never know love, turned out to be the case.
Never thought the original, my heart could be so quiet.
Love love you. I said in my heart.
Never been truly loved.
No one has ever so much in my mind the position occupied before.
Never had such a person wants.
Came to understand, love, love, sexual.
Ever, before we know, women should do so with body and mind to love.
In your palm, I love very happy.
Although a bit late, but I am very satisfied.
Have you, cherish you.

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