August 10, 2010

Learn to give up

When you walk into the Temple of emotional, you make a happy choice; when you walk into the feelings of the blind spot, laments the way no friends, we might try to give up. Because life is a fate, and by chance the polymer, missed the points margin to do, and together is a pain, points may be a relief for each other, choose to give up the choice is also a kind of happiness is a beautiful sublimation.

When you are struggling towards a goal, but not much results, laments an uncertain future, may wish to choose what to give up. But not immediately determine its own can not work because we are still young, no need to cry and not only soon as a rattling fire of life burning lamps and absence abjection, a temporary waiver is not to pander, but turned the bow, looking forward to open up update the distance. Then you will find "via water to the poor, the Clouds from time to time."

When you order to show maturity, when you order to satisfy vanity, in order to cover up mistakes, they themselves tired, at this time may wish to choose what to give up, easy to face, in good faith to pay, openly accepted. There is no need to decorate the young at heart have been too heavy, because the surface of the vicissitudes of life, serious and profound external, can not let you up for the philosopher; vain glory, glory can only be temporary, you have only lonely backs. Excessive cover up mistakes, can only give you away from friends. Choose to give up, but some are real mature content, but also a cool and calm reflection. Only open a heavy heart that can hear the echo of life and enthusiastic to see the smile that blossoms. How can people be good at seeing that decorate waves on Raising the Sails, how can one understand where the excitement that frogs.

Not stop hurry to give up the pace, because we selected the target is that distant horizon, no need to hurry, but should more stable and calm. But our blood all along been barking Pentium, as the patch of red landscape, patch of bright dawn.

Is not set myself to give up a cage in the tightly hold the inner circle and walks da no vision that dream. Give up is the sky in search of a broader, more sacred to the choice. To give up not helpless, nor pain, but a stronger person choice.

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