November 04, 2010

Without you. How do I do

Without you. How do I do
That night you turn around, the dream became my scars today, I am unable to look up at the sky scene faint, a tear slide down when the meteor flies downward, I know, this moment is the pain of my life , has been to follow the trajectory of my life over.
You have said, we're friends for life. Every rainy night where you will have tarried, with a different kind of tenderness, and describe a storm in the romance.
I'm watching you quietly, as if that branch lily valley, lonely forward, singing, a smile you gently, so I fell already. Cheng Zhaofeng wings, I'm happy for you flaunt in the cloud on the banks of the stream, leaving the most charming style.
Give you a kiss to let flowers lost my heart, I am willing!
Give you a love so sunny my trip, I obsessed hang around!
Just like the flowers that bloom all the time like, leave the pain of my heart, is not every night you come against the current, then early spring in the cold shakes your commitment? Transponder Key You may have seen it after I turned the trembling of the shoulders? I know that, trembling under the shoulders of a sad heart? You know I love me, why you can not stay in my world, let me alone to a home, let me brewing for you reciting poems for life?
After all, you still go, you said, it was the last to see me, a wound of copper from the bottom of my heart burst, the last? I thought that to experience a final would be so hard for me to love inadvertently came, filled the air, play loose, but in the sight of the end of the condensed into injury.
Those who are not your night, that no one reads the text to fly in the sky in May, so ignorant, the diffuse over the threshold in June. I carefully jumped over the threshold, it is a bit high, some hard, my heart is still immersed in the fear that has you in May, a step by step back, it can not catch a lock of the wind, you really just want to relive left in the breath of wind, such as orchids like that pure!
Walk in the world without you every day late at night for you to write about a text, or sad,Tire Pressure Monitoring System or Yue contingent, euphemistically tell all, tell a story not finished the story, there you are I have had, there are memorable.
Without you, I was immersed in music, walking in music, in singing Lisi Suo, late at night, I would think you still with me, go nowhere, Just like that quietly nestled in my side, like a dream of a pool of spring, look cool, color Biore. Juqi a handful, owned it to sleep, so tonight I do not know what year, there are also tempting your dreams!
On the way to that arm I of the vicissitudes of life, facing the sea and waves merry, walking in a world without you, some interpretation of the legend, I see the other side of that is your direction, that is day light of the fishing boat love light shining.
My world without you, the only left lonely, precipitation songjang!

 Red, I like you

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