August 10, 2010

The confused thoughts

The confused thoughts
What feelings? Never want to let yourself in such a mud Ze, but the human soul is such a lonely, always inadvertently to an unexpected intruder in a deep in my heart, maybe you never remember you to over my life, but I was able to feel your presence so that a person who has never even entered your mind in such a night to gently remind you, all you drowned as flood my soul everywhere your shadow, to feel your breath, but I can not reach out and touch, because I know everything will cease to exist one hand,

I can only as in life, in love and not love as struggling, you want to give up, it can be difficult to wipe out the hearts of your shadow, and you meet, since, all my life has changed because of you, life began to change the colorful look forward to every day wake up from a dream earlier, earlier will give you fond memories of my only recollection of detail, this may be the happiest moment of my life, pain and pleasure are, how many of the world Such people, who live more or less reality, the so-called commitment to a sentence to live for

In some people say that some people say not worth the value, in fact, But why, in the end are also all in vain, in the rational and irrational struggle necessary? May be too many people will not do so foolishly, but for feelings on the value of thinking too, a feeling also can activate a person can defeat a person, it is just human nature, over time, is not as time goes on, and then slowly look pale?

This may be right, I could not help a bitter laugh, can not, I'm the living example, all my emotions in consciousness, not only have to remember to use the secular buried, after all, love is also in the faithful could not stand hungry, though a bit cheesy, but it's vivid, how could they do that?

For my life in her, how would let me note on the concept as an absurdity is ridiculous, is ah thought can use these to reduce her thoughts, but become increasingly deeper, this moment I never had luxury to forget her, perhaps for you, I have nothing to forget, only you have words that ordinary people like that a few faint smile, but always able to deeply branded on my heart, so that In such a night's sleep can not survive alone went out looking at the Bansi crescent looming and clean and there are always brought a chill can not, then it may be a lonely at nights the cold bar,

Had too many such nights, a person waiting for sunrise and sunset quietly, waiting for years for the rotation to the crown on the fate I will always only see the sky and thinking of you and have some dark night, and outside Let me hear the heartbeat still see, is thinking of you flash it? it is also necessary to present themselves? you had no longer been possible, I can only ever dream of you with memories to feel the presence, but think of every way you, my heart will not help the burst pulsations, is your desire, right?

Wanted to be paid a return, want the truth like a dream, but now where you are, you may have a deep sleep, morning will have a person like me .......

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